Rivia Sports goes to La Pared 9-16 April 2018

Join us & Apollo Sports to La Pared on a wonderful & sweaty workout week!

Try out new training concepts, dance, develop your running technique and dare free weights in the gym together with our training experts. Surf, play beach volleyball or bike. All in a nice combination of calm moments in the sun mixed with inspirational fashion for an active lifestyle and events in true Brazilian spirit.

In addition to the workouts you can also take part in our workshops & lectures.
Join our running coach Esther Baltzer explaining how to improve your running technique. Jennifer Winter, the innovator behind the Body Wheel training concept, tells and practices the exercise that includes Pilates, Yoga and Functional Exercise for the purpose of toning and stretching the entire body. Magdalena Lindström, educated in sports medicine, introduces and encourages personalized, safe and efficient workout with barbell and free weights. Isabelle Riby is in charge of getting your heart pumping with high intense workouts. Doctor Jens Persson shares the latest research findings regarding the effect of training on our cognitive functions. Magnus Egger is a highly qualified photographer and will share his best tips on how to take the best selfies and workout pictures. Last but not least, let’s be inspired by Rivia Oliveira, former elite beach volleyball player who, with the drive, creativity and determination founded the clothing brand Rivia Sports.

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Rivia Sports goes to La Pared

Hope to see you there! 💪
//Rivia & Oskar



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