Press event & all new – Ribbed Tops now launched

Press event & all new Ribbed Tops now launched

Breakfast among new friends & a sneak peek of the new AW17 collection coming later this fall.
We arranged a cozy breakfast event together with Story Relations in Stockholm.

All smiles & warmth from yesterdays event & preview.
& stay tuned.. We will soon announce several other exciting news for you. 🙂

Among exotic music, tasty acaí bowls and colourful workout clothes, the creative founder Rivia Oliveira explained how she combines Brazilian joy and uniqueness with Swedish minimalism in her design. The amazon has been a large inspiration for Rivia and the clothes should make women feel confident and strong! The new collection is a mix of pastell pinks, blasting blues and outstanding oranges. Lets bring the amazon spirit into our workout sessions!

Don´t miss out on the latest new arrivals –  Ribbed Top Blue & Ribbed Top Pink.

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