Meet Fredrika Akander (@fakander)

We had the chance to catch up with super inspiring Fredrika and talk to her about her workout routine, best yoga poses and her personal life motto. 

Fredrik Akander

Where are you in the world right now? Why?
Amalfi, Italy to shoot the summer campaign for Aussie brand Forever New.

Where did you grow up?
Gothenburg, Sweden

Your favourite hangout places in Gothenburg, for coffee & workout?
Since I am only home in summer I would have to say best workout is Slottskogen outdoor gym. Since we live just around the corner, the perfect workout is taking a lap around the park walking and warming up with my sis, circuit training at the gym and then coffee at Magasinet on tredje långgatan.

Where have you never been but wanted to go?

Take us through your weekly exercise regime. What type of workout do you most enjoy?
My routine is all off while travelling but when I am home in Melbourne I have a 4 day workout schedule with weights, two upper body days and two leg days. On top of those four workouts I do what I can fit in and feel like whether it is yoga, pilates or just walks.

Morning ritual:
I start with a shot of hot water with tumeric. I learnt if from my mom and it really keeps all colds and nasties away. Then one or two coffees and whatever I eat from breakfast, it always changes!

Your top four yoga moves:
I always start with sun salutations to warm up. Then I tend to include a beckbend such as camel in any session followed by seated forward fold and end with an easy inversion such as a shoulder stand or plow.

How do you best accessorise a pair of leggings:
Your favourite knit!! Its the perfect combo to make your leggings into everyday wear. In autumn I throw on a nice knit and leather or denim jacket for everyday style.

Most people probably don’t know this about me, but:
I’m a knitfreak (hence above answer) I knit all the time. I think I got like three or four projects on a the moment. Too much inspiration too little yarn and time!

Your personal motto:
Go with your gut. I don’t do anything that feels even the slightest big of wrong gutfeeling wise. Which makes me super difficult when it comes to decision making time on things (just ask my boyfriend, we are renovating our house and my gut has a big say in everything!)

Fredrika Akander, fakander, is wearing Rivia Sports Roar White Tights & Roar Top.

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