Christina Rickardsson – Skydiver and author

Christina Rickardsson, “Kicki”, one of Sweden’s most circumscribed author this last months. This due to her latest book, “Sluta aldrig gå – från gatan i Sao Paulo till Vindeln i Norrland” which have been translated to Portuguese and distributed in Brazil.

Kicki is, like Rivia, born and raised in Brazil, however Kicki’s childhood was not the easiest. She was raised by her mother in a cave deep in Diamantina and by the age of eight she was adopted to Sweden. After many years of thinking she decided to follow her dreams and to write the book of her story.

For those who haven’t read Sluta aldrig gå, what is it about?

My debut book is an autobiography. It is about a different journey that begins in Brazil’s wilderness and ends in the northern Swedish forests in Sweden. I tell you how my mother and I lived in a cave my first five years in Brazil. About how poor we were but also about the love we shared. How life became so much tougher when we were forced to live on the street of Sao Paulo and in the favelas. The book is about loss of grief and physical and mental pain that I as a child went through but also about joy, love and friendship. It´s about when I first arrived in Sweden and about finding courage and strength to face my own story.
It is a book that I hope can create deeper insight into the fact that we are all so much worth and that if children get the right opportunities in life, they can follow their dreams and be so much more than a street rat that society ignores.

Sluta aldrig gå - Christina Rickardsson

How is the feeling to see your book in your motherland?

The feeling is indescribable, I have always dreamed of getting the chance to tell my story and make a difference for all these poor children who society ignores. That my book is coming out in Brazil is a dream come true and I hope that it can help people in Brazil to realize that these children have so much more to offer. That they have not chosen to be born into poverty and that they are entitled to schooling and health care among many things. That they are not a burden for society if they are given that chance to make something of themselves.

Besides writing, Kicki is running a foundation which donate money to the orphan in Brazil where she stayed before moving to Sweden.

Beside writing you are also a skydiver. How is that?

I love to Skydive and jump out of airplanes or helicopters. It’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Jumping out of a plane from four thousand meters falling among the clouds is a feeling that is indescribable. Something that everyone should try sometime. It is a sense of freedom that is something out of the ordinary.

We know you enjoy working out, which Rivia Sports piece is your favourite for that?

Asking me to choose a favorite piece among Rivia’s clothes is like asking me where I like to skydive most. I love to jump everywhere and the same is with Rivia Sports’ clothes, I love them all. But right now, I use tights and sports bra for almost everything, not just when I’m working out. It’s one of the things I love with the clothes. They are awesome to work out in, but are perfect for everyday life as well. Win Win!

If I have to choose something it has to be Forza High Tights and Selva Active Tights.

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You are working on a new book, can you tell us anything about it?

Hahaha, no, I can not because it’s still a secret. But there is a connection to my first book and I hope my readers will like it.
The book is available in Swedish and now in Portuguese. During 2018 it will be released in English, Italian, France, German and Spanish.
Buy Kicki’s book here and follow her on Instagram.

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